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Session and Presenter Information

Keynote Presentations - Aiming High: The Elements of Exemplary Volunteer Engagement

Betty Stallings: see Key Note Speaker page for Biographical information

In this session Betty Stallings will explore exemplary volunteer engagement with an in-depth discussion covering the following 10 points.

  1. The executive level and governing board of an organization are ACTIVELY committed to vibrant volunteer engagement. (Adequate budget and support)
  2. There is a strong, positive philosophy/commitment statement guiding the organization's involvement of volunteers. (with a Partnership focus)
  3. There is a competent, well positioned and supported staff person designated to empower/lead the organization to have excellent volunteer engagement by building the organization's capacity (policies, systems), commitment and competency to engage volunteers.
  4. Volunteer engagement is staff-friendly….. meaning staff are:
    • clear on expectations of them to partner with volunteers,
    • supported and trained to be competent in this work,
    • involved in planning and assessing positions or projects manned by volunteers and
    • appreciated for excellence in their partnerships with volunteers.
  5. Volunteers bring diversity, skills and service into positions that are integrated throughout the organization from executive level pro-bono high-skilled to service support.
  6. Organizations are adaptable to trends in volunteerism and strive for continuous improvement.
  7. Organizations make effective use of technology for communication, recruitment, recordkeeping, orientation/training, etc.
  8. The organization is deemed volunteer-friendly through its efficient, thorough and welcoming outreach, screening, training, on-going support and recognition
  9. Volunteer engagement is a significant aspect of strategic planning for how to reach the organization's mission.
  10. Volunteers are the greatest public relations asset of the organization and are retained as champions of the organization's mission.

Keynote Address - Sharing our Stories: The Powerful Impact of successful Volunteer Engagement

Betty's engaging humor, vitality and inspiring message will provide practical information and valuable resources for sharing our stories with powerful impact that will lead us all to successful volunteer engagement.

Concurrent Session 2:00 pm - 3:15 pm

Session A: The World in Our Pocket: How Organizations and Volunteers can take advantage of the Mobile Web Devendra Shrikhande, Internet Solutions Consultant, Blackbaud, Inc.

In this session Devendra will introduce attendees to the technical, social and organizational high points of going mobile. It will serve primarily as a starting point for an engaging discussion on how organizations can investigate mobile opportunities to recruit and foster volunteerism.

Workshop Learning Objectives
After this presentation attendees will understand:

  1. What is the mobile Web?
  2. How are people using it? How is it affecting our society?
  3. What are the key (technical and non-technical) decision points for an organization to prepare for going mobile?
  4. How can organizations use the mobile web to recruit and engage volunteers?

Workshop Outline
If there is one constant in technology it is change. We cannot help but notice how this transformation has influenced how individuals and organizations communicate. It is hard, nay impossible; to go to a public place and find someone that is not using a mobile phone - and even more common we see that they are not talking!

So, how can non-profits evaluate online mobile opportunities to connect with their constituencies and their volunteers? Where do you start? Do I need a mobile website? Or do I need an app? What is an app anyway? How do I measure success?

About Devendra Shrikhande
Devendra Shrikhande is an Altru Consultant with Blackbaud, a global leader in providing technology solutions for non-profits. Altru is Blackbaud's innovative web-based 360-degree solution for arts and cultural organizations to integrate their admissions, membership, fundraising and volunteer operations.

Devendra has over ten years of technology consulting experience. He has helped launch Web initiatives for a broad variety of clients; from museums and colleges to direct mail catalogs and industrial designers. His educational and professional career has been equally diverse. An electronics engineer from India, Devendra studied commercial photography at Northwest College in Wyoming, and has an MBA from the University of Wyoming. His professional career has tracked from managing a museum photography studio, director of web communications in higher education, alumni relations, to Web project management in eHealthcare. Devendra believes technology is not a "one-size fits all" solution. And so, his approach centers on distilling the opportunities the Internet affords to the specific requirements and culture of the client. Devendra is particularly motivated to help non-profits leverage the latest trends and advances in technology.

Session B: Building a Bridge to the Faith-Based Community
Pastor Frederick D. Nettles, Jr., Director of Partners of Hope

In this session Pastor Fred will explain how the Partner's For Hope Program can help you to connect to faith-based organization and to programs and services funded by the State of Illinois.


  • Increase an ethic of service and volunteerism in the State of Illinois
  • Increase the capacity of faith based organizations within the state to better compete for funding opportunities and
  • Increase collaboration among the people and organizations that are trying to meet the greatest social service needs of our state.
  • The mission of PFH is to connect faith-based organizations to each other and to programs and services funded by the State of Illinois. In developing partnerships with community- and faith-based institutions, the PFH program is working to enhance the capacity of faith-based partners to support families in their communities

About Pastor Frederick D. Nettles, Jr.
Pastor Nettles was appointed by Governor Pat Quinn on October 8, 2009, as a Commissioner to Illinois Commission on Volunteerism and Community Service. His role as a Commissioner is to promote and support community service in public and private programs to meet the needs of Illinois citizens; stimulate new volunteerism and community service initiatives and partnerships; serve as a resource and advocate within the Department of Human Services for community service agencies, volunteers, and programs which utilize state and private volunteers.

Nettles accepted the position of Illinois Department of Human Services' (IDHS) Director of Partners for Hope Program (PFH) in January of 2001. The PFH program has evolved into developing capacity among our faith-based partners to support families in their communities who are trying to achieve self-sufficiency. Pastor Nettles is described as a "man on a mission" developing 1,500 partnerships with community and faith-based institutions that support families as they move from welfare to work.

Nettles is committed to helping families stay connected to community resources which offers them hope. This commitment has earned him recognition throughout the country. Nettles has been recognized nationally as an expert on faith-based related issues and provides ongoing consulting work to assist other state agencies and other states to help jump start their faith-based initiatives. In 2005, Nettles was selected as one of the panel speakers for The Nelson A. Rockefeller Institute of Government: The Roundtable on Religion and Social Welfare Policy at their Annual Conference.

Nettles is a highly regarded and respected Pastor throughout the State of Illinois. He is the Founding Pastor of Living Word Fellowship Ministries, a vibrant, spirit-filled multi-racial Church that ministers to both the heart of its members and the community as a whole.

In addition to his faith-based duties, Pastor Nettles is the Team Illinois Alexander County and Venice Liaison. Team Illinois is a priority initiative of the Illinois Governor. It centers on the provision of opportunities for some of the State's most disadvantaged citizens and the revitalization of poverty-stricken communities. Team Illinois is a partnership between state government, private-sector businesses, local residents, elected officials, faith-based organizations and other key stakeholders in communities that face multiple challenges.

While working as the Team Illinois Liaison Nettles have managed and directed the State of Illinois and Federal governmental resources to create public and private partnerships. This successful collaboration has produce $25 million dollars of economic development in these two areas.

Pastor Nettles was born and raised in Harvey, Illinois. He is the Senior Pastor of Living Word Fellowship Church and CEO of Living Word Fellowship Ministries in Springfield. He completed a Masters of Public Administration (MPA) from Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville; a Bachelor of Science in Workforce Education, Training and Development from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale; and an Associate of Applied Science in Business Administration from Southwestern Illinois College.

Session C: Serve Illinois: Partnering to Recognize and Mobilize Volunteers
Scott McFarland, Deputy Director, Serve Illinois Commission

In this session Scott will focus on the partnerships and resources that are available to volunteers and volunteer managers.

Serve Illinois: Partnering to Mobilize Volunteers

Serve Illinois is the State's Commission on Volunteerism and Community Service. This workshop will focus on the partnerships and resources that are available to volunteers and volunteer managers. The Serve Illinois Commission's vision is an Illinois where all citizens recognize their ability and responsibility to help strengthen their communities through voluntary service. It works to expand volunteerism throughout rural, suburban, and urban Illinois, involving people of all backgrounds, cultures, and ages. To promote this vision, we have made connections with organizations throughout the state.

Workshop Learning Objectives
We hope to share those connections and resources to attendees of the conference. This presentation is open to anyone, and participants should expect to walk away with better knowledge of volunteer activities in their community and how to better mobilize and retain their volunteers.

Outline of workshop

  1. Introductions
  2. History of Serve Illinois
  3. Volunteerism in Illinois
    • Ranking
    • Volunteer Management Network
    • Volunteerism Conferences
  4. Volunteer Recruitment
    • Serve.Illinois.gov
  5. Volunteer Recognition
    • Governor's Volunteer Service Awards
  6. AmeriCorps
    • Information on programs
    • How to apply
  7. How can we work together?

About Scott McFarland
Scott grew up in the Quad Cities area of Illinois and now lives with his wife, Amber, and daughter, Anastasia, in Springfield. Scott earned his Bachelor of Arts in History with a Teacher's Certification from Western Illinois University in 2006 and his Master of Public Administration from the University of Illinois at Springfield in 2008. Scott has been a member of the Serve Illinois Commission on Volunteerism and Community Service staff for the past five years. He currently serves as the Deputy Director. This position has him supporting volunteer programs, the Illinois' National Service Disability Inclusion grant, Serve Illinois' AmeriCorps*VISTA program, the AmeriCorps LeaderCorps program, and www.Serve.Illinois.gov. He also serves as a Member of the Springfield School District 186 Board of Education. An Eagle Scout and Scoutmaster, Scott takes great joy from camping, community service, and teaching. In his personal and professional life, he continues to live by his motto, "better yourself by serving others."